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Elvis Sinatra
(Mostly) Live! (DVD)

Product Number: HEP 1002

Elvis Sinatra's first DVD-Video is a model for the medium, including the award-winning documentary This Is Elvis Sinatra, two full sets shot on location at Detour, Karaoke mode (for all you Elvis Sinatra impersonators), subtitles in French and English, multi-angles, and many other features!

"Not another Elvis impersonator or Sinatra wannabe, but truly the best male vocalist we have heard in years, George Leonard presents his tongue in cheek 'Elvis Sinatra' persona together with clever lyrics, good humor, and a voice that competes with Tony Bennett--or even Frank Sinatra himself."
--Doug Coulter, Penguin's Jazz Club

High praise from a veteran observer of the jazz scene, but we think you'll agree once you discover George Leonard's music for yourself.

Elvis Sinatra (Mostly) Live! showcases the unique talents of singer/songwriter/performer George Leonard, combining the best elements of vintage Las Vegas pop and straight-ahead jazz in a multimedia show featuring world-class musicians and tomorrow's technology.

Befitting such an innovative musician, the DVD-Video extends the frontiers of this new medium, exercising just about all the new technical features of the DVD-Video spec. It's multi-angle, multi- soundtrack, multi-subtitle, and multi-format. So ambitious it takes a double-layer DVD-9 disc to hold it all.

Elvis Sinatra (Mostly) Live! includes:

  • Seventeen songs recorded and video’d at Detour, the famous East Village jazz bar in 5.1 Surround or Dolby Stereo.
  • The award-winning documentary This Is Elvis Sinatra! by Chris Peacock.
  • Multi-angle playback for the songs.
  • Karaoke mode.
  • Lyrics in English and French on the subtitle tracks.

There are four ways to watch the show:

  • If you're in couch-potato mode, just choose Play the Whole Show, sit back and let the evening roll.
  • If you're a little more adventurous, let the random player set the order.
  • If you're feeling interactive, create your own set from the song list.
  • If you're hyperinteractive, go directly to Karaoke mode. You'll get the Elvis Sinatra band and the lyrics--without George.

If you’re new to Elvis Sinatra you probably want to start with Chris Peacock’s award-winning documentary, This Is Elvis Sinatra! It’ll give you a great introduction to the man and his music.

"Even without the virtual band he’s still got an original act. My father would have noticed something different. That’s for sure. And if I have anything to say about it he’s going to really make it."
-Allen Gershwin, Composer, son of George Gershwin

"Elvis’s songs are really touching and beautiful and they are hilarious, like ‘Charlene,’ about a topless dancer turned drug dealer turned parking jockey. Once you see the show you’re hooked."
-Chris Peacock, Director This is Elvis Sinatra!

"When I write songs, I start out dead serious. Then sometimes they just get… funny."
-George Leonard

Price: $19.97

Elvis Sinatra (Mostly) Live! (DVD)

More Info at ElvisSinatra.com

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