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Doug Pratt's DVDs

Product Number: HEP 1060

With over 12,000 reviews, and spanning nearly four millions words (over 7,000 pages), Doug Pratt’s DVDs is the one collection of DVD reviews you need to own, written by one of the most prolific and wide-ranging media critics working today!

Doug Pratt is uniquely qualified to write this book. As the editor and publisher of The DVD-Laser Disc Newsletter--the insider’s guide to the medium--he has been reviewing laserdiscs and DVDs for twenty-five years. He has established a reputation as the premier critic of films, videos, and other presentations on disc.

His wealth of knowledge about the medium is unsurpassed. After checking out Doug Pratt’s DVD you’ll know instantly whether a disc is worth purchasing, or which version of a film to rent. Doug covers much more than just feature films: the books include trenchant commentary on music videos, operas, documentaries, video art, historic television—even erotic DVDs. From A.I. to Zulu you’ll find the lowdown here. Doug Pratt brings to this ambitious job a lot of common sense and a rare wit.

Praise for Doug’s previous work:

“Douglas Pratt’s book is the best on the subject. He’s a movie lover who is also an unrelenting perfectionist when reviewing the technical qualities of discs.” - Roger Ebert

“Pratt has to watch as many as six movies a day, plus listen to every director’s commentary and endure every behind-the-scenes documentary and deleted scene. Needless to say, his reviews tend to drill down pretty deep…” - Rolling Stone

Price: $26.00

Doug Pratt's DVD (2-Volume Set)

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